Cocktails Menu


DRY MARTINI  (Gin, Dry vermouth , lemon skin)

MANHATTAN (Whisky bourbon, red vermouth y angosture)

SEX ON THE BEACH  (Vodka, orange, peach  and cranberry juice)

COSMOPOLITAN  (Vodka, Cointreau, lime, cranberry juice)

DAIQUIRI CLASSIC OR FRUITY  (Rum, lime, sugar and/or fruits)

BLOODY MARY  (Vodka, salt, lime, english sauce, tomato juice and tabasco)

TEQUILA SUNRISE  (Tequila, orange juice and granadine)

MARGARITA  (Tequila, cointreau, lime)

BELLINI  (Vodka, cava and fruit juice)

PIÑA COLADA  (Rum, coconut milk and pinneaple juice)

WHITE RUSSIAN (Vodka, Coffe liquour and Cream)

MAI THAI (White rum, Black  rum , Orange Juice , Pinneaple Juice , granadine and amaretto)

CAIPIRINHA  (Cachaza, sugar, lime)

MOJITO CLASSIC OR FRUITY (Rum, sugar, lime, mint and/or fresh fruit)

NEGRONI (Gin, red vermouth and campari)

THE BRUMBLE  (Gin, lime, sugar, blackberry and cassis)

RASPBERRY COLLINS  (Gin, lime, sugar and raspberry)

BURN IN HELL (Vodka, burn, tabasco and lime)

SARA PASSION  (Whisky bourbon,  coconut , banana, cava and orange juice)

MISS DAISY  (Vodka, strawberries and  cream)

VIOLETERA (Ron,violet syrup, red berries, lime)


SMOOTHIE MARIAM (Strawberries, blackberry liquour, raspberry and cream)

SAN FRANCISCO  (Orange juice, peach, pinneaple and granadine)

BABY MELON  (Melon liquour, pinneaple juice  and lime)

GOES PASSION (Bannana Liquor, kiwi, Raspberry, Blackberry , orange juice and granadine)

PIÑA COLADA  (Pinneaple juice , coconut milk and coconut syrup)

VIRGIN MARY (Tomato Juice, salt, pepper, tabasco, english sauce  and  lime

NOTA: All our cocktails alcohol-free also available. Ask our barman for your favorite cocktail even when is not in the menu.